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Welcome to Xuver

Xuver is a young and dynamic company specialized in varied and innovative visualization applications for architecture, interior design, design, industry, infrastructure, catering, retail, leisure, education, landscape, offshore and maritime objects. Xuver makes visualizations and develops 3D cloud software.

Xuver brings your ideas and ambitions alive. We do this by converting your sketch, 2D drawing or 3D model to high-quality virtual environments, appealing images and sparkling video animations. Convince your clients with life like impressions of houses, apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, gardens and artworks. Get visual insight into assets such as roads, bridges, tunnels, installations, vehicles, vessels, aircraft or factories and offshore platforms with our viewer. Xuver helps to showcase your leads and projects to the public and efficiently and successfully bring it to your market.

Bring your sketch to life and convince your clients. Experience space, colors and materials in detail. Experience your design as if you're walking through it.

Xuver International:





Our Services

3D Cloud Development

Presenting, visualizing and managing in the cloud is easier than ever. Xuver has developed a cloud solution to display 3D data visually in current browsers.

Virtual Reality

Walk with our mobile viewer through your virtual environment. Available for Web and mobile devices on Android and Mac iOS.

3D Content Services

Xuver models and visualizes 3D content based on your design. We then take your design to a higher level for presentations, sales and management.


Virtual Body Cloning

We are currently investigating and developing state-of-the-art technology. 3D avatars are the future for online identity.

Augmented Reality

Everyday reality combined with various types of data shown as actual visual information. We are currently investigating the possibilities.

Internet Of Things

Objects that can communicate via the internet with our virtual environments. We are currently working on a demonstration environment.


3D Web Viewer

Xuver has developed a 3D Viewer based on the latest web technology WebGL 2.0 that provides you to experience any environment in a dynamic and interactive way.

We make it possible to walk through an online environment as an avatar in the web browser and experience any space. Multiple visitors can talk to each other through our speech module, discuss the design and the environment online, identify and design objects and assets.

We can create 3D models or convert your 3D database from all current drawing programs to 3D content that can be accessed directly via a web browser from multiple physical locations. Possibilities for IFC data links make our viewer a perfect visual supplement to your management system.


Discuss online possibilities with project partners - Interactive insight into your design - Meet project partners real-time online - Interactively evaluate your design - Discuss interactive features of your design - Save travel costs and travel time through online consultation -walk through 3D files in your web browser - Navigate easily through your design - No download necessary - Real time render in web browser - Interactive, talk to other visitors - Avatar - Measure - Laser Pointer


WebGl 2.0 Viewer

The Xuver developed Viewer works with open source WebGL 2.0 software. Computer graphics can be displayed in web pages without the use of a special web browser plug-in.


In our viewer, existing 3D drawings and or models are converted into a virtual environment. This makes the model user-friendly and accessible over the Internet.

Browser and Operating Systems

WebGL is supported by: web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Suitable operating systems are, from Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Linux and Chrome OS.


The viewer developed by us is a virtual viewing tool. This functionality allows you or any visitor with the use of one or more avatars to walk through an online virtual environment.

Voice Module

As soon as multiple visitors are in the same virtual environment, after activating your microphone you can talk to each other through our own developed voice module.

User Friendly

With just one mouse click and without a download being needed, you can visit a virtual model in your web browser. Simple navigation with the arrow keys and mouse.

  • XUVER – The Future of Vizualisation.

  • No Plug-In Download.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • Real Time Rendering.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • Interactive with Voice module.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • User-friendly.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • Fast Convert for Various CAD Files.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • Simple BIM.

    Xuver Web Viewer
  • Avatar.

    Xuver Web Viewer

3D Viewer For Mobile Devices

Xuver's 3D web viewer is also available for Iphone, Ipad and Android mobile devices.

Xuver makes it possible to experience the virtual environment dynamically and in virtual reality with one click. Simply convert 3D files to your mobile device.

Mobile Viewer

Our Mobile Viewer is unique and available to all mobile devices. Walk through a virtual environment in the palm of your hand.


Quickly convert existing 3D drawings and or models directly to a virtual environment. Make your 3D models user-friendly and accessible on mobile devices.


Pioneering technology allows you to walk through your model in real-time on your mobile device. Our programmers have made this compatible with any mobile browser.


Soon available in Google Play

Virtual Reality

Walking through the 3d file of your design in virtual reality? Xuver enables a unique VR experience with the mobile 3D viewer. All you need is a VR Cardboard.


Looking for a mobile virtual tour tool? Our mobile 3D viewer allows you or a visitor to walk through a virtual environment as an avatar.

User Friendly

With a single click and without a download you can visit a virtual model in the mobile web browser. With simple navigation, without any CAD knowledge, you can experience a 3D model on your mobile.


Soon available in the App Store  


Design Phase

For architects, interior designers and construction companies

Speed up agreements about the layout, arrangements of the floor heights or interiors. Make design alterations to the wishes of the user in a timely manner by interacting responsively to the virtual experience of the object. Easily walk with your client and project partners through your design. This can be done from the first sketch to the realization. Let your customer interactively react with your design. Discuss design possibilities, differences and variants online in your up-to-date 3D model.

Xuver has developed a virtual viewing tool that allows your client to walk through an exact virtual view of your sketch online in the browser. Your client not only sees exactly how your sketch looks but also has additional interactive features, such as experiencing space through an avatar, measuring spaces, and giving you the right feedback through our speech module. The most important thing is that you can build an interaction with your client and thereby work more efficiently.


Sales Phase

For real estate agents and marketers in construction

As real estate agent, seller or developer want to offer your property, rental object or newbuilding in a unique and convincing manner, offering rental or sale? We can take care of it!

Allow your customers to visit your 3D building online from home. This can be done via a secure web address without a heavy download and no additional software. Just with one click. Discuss possibilities online through personal avatars. With multiple people from different locations.

We create an experience. Potential customers can experience new real-time real estate through our virtual environment. You can actually walk through the house online in the browser and experience how the building will look like when it is built, rebuilt or renovated. As a seller, you can virtually guide potential buyers and provide the necessary explanations through our speech module. You can talk in real time with the potential buyer in the virtual environment.


Management Phase

For asset and facility management

Xuver Viewer gives you optimal performance from your assets.

Asset management is a complex area of activity that involves a lot of money, especially when it deals with buildings and infrastructure. The Xuver Viewer gives real-time visual insight into your assets. This enables us to make a significant contribution to effective and efficient management and maintenance.

Build buildings and infrastructure as efficiently as possible, now and in the future, that is what asset management is all about. With us, you may want to link your OMS (Maintenance Management System) and PMS (Performance Management System) to a three-dimensional environment. This link enables you to switch between the virtual environment and your OMS. With our viewer, you can explore the virtual environment, alone or even with other people. At the same time you can also call up drawings and other data from your OMS to discuss them on-site. This provides optimal solutions for the distribution process of work orders for suppliers. A virtual environment allows for more insight, making decisions more well-founded and keeping data up to date and becomes more user-friendly.


Our Team

Our team consists of creative and motivated technicians with a passion for visualization. Xuver's programmers, architects and designers make your ambitions come true.

Video Animations

Our visualization team makes your design into strong convincing images with stylish use of materials, textures, colors and interior elements.

Our team consists of architects, video animators and designers. All have a solid education and extensive experience with the latest visualization software.


Success is always dependent on precise preparation. Success is predictable with preparation.
Visualization Team – XUVER

3D Cloud Development

XUVER programmers are challenging the technical limitations. Our programmers have thorough training and the necessary know-how with 3D graphics cloud solutions.


Technical constraints are just the challenge for us.
3D Cloud Development Team – XUVER


A top team at a prime location. Our modellers and programmers are housed in the most beautiful office in Moldova.


Customers and Partners

XUVER works for companies, institutions and collaborates with reputable partners.

With great pleasure, we work on fabulous assignments for a wide range of customers and partners. We thank our customers and partners for their enthusiasm and commitment. As a result, it is possible to realize beautiful visualization projects.

We would like to share the enthusiastic comments we have received.

  • Good design is good business.

  • Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

  • Design is thinking made visual.

  • What is now proved was once only imagined.

  • The soul never thinks without an image.

  • Gemba
  • Spectades
  • Infor
  • IBM Maximo
  • V Continental
  • Amazon
  • Solar Team Eindhoven

Our Service

Good service forms the basis for our services and for the close cooperation we want with our clients.

We find good service very important, we leave nothing to chance and make clear agreements in advance. You can depend on that we will always be able to provide full support.

We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers, focusing on professionalism, trust and transparency.


Our helpdesk is always available! At XUVER you are assured of an answer to all your questions. Please contact us.


With our creativity and expertise we can help you further. Good advice starts with listening to your wishes.


OOur quality is guaranteed. We work with a transparent pricing for every budget. Request a free quote.


All visualization services are our own. You can count on quick and mutually agreed delivery times.


Every assignment we execute in a skilled manner. Our team consists of experienced professionals.


Each project has its own plan of attack. Our services are tailored to your wishes and requirements.


Do you have questions? Would you like a quote or further explanation? Contact us! We will be happy to assist you.