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Welcome to Xuver

Visualization technology is our specialty. As a unique IT company we always seek for ways to make your 3D presentations even better! Directly from your preferred 3D source, our visualization technology creates an unprecedented visualization that can be viewed from within your own browser. Share, manage and explain your design to your clients in our especially for this purpose developed web based viewer. Your 3D file, in conjunction with our fast convert and web based viewer, brings all your designs to life.

However, this unique viewer can do much more. You can now create a complete digital environment that will undoubtedly impress visitors to your website. Our web based viewer goes beyond static websites and the many communication possibilities allow you to lift your level of interaction with customer, client or contractor to a whole new level.

Gone are the days when you had to download heavy software in order to view a design. With the Xuver viewer you can now watch any project from within the browser. Being able to offer this revolutionary viewer is a beautiful milestone that only inspires and motivates us more to keep working on innovative, unique and versatile visualization technology.





I am an Architect

Design phase

All too often it is hard to explain your design by using traditional methods and it costs a lot of time to explain blueprints to clients who may not have as much technical insight as you. With our specifically for this purpose developed web based viewer we have the solution for this common problem. Our unique viewer excels in its user friendliness and is web based.


I am a Broker

Sales phase

Selling a residence requires attention, time and an eye for detail. Naturally, the client wants to get a clear insight in all the details of a project . However, traditional visualization methods often offer not enough possibilities. With our web based viewer you can provide in this need for a clear insight and make the residence available for visitors.


I am a Facility Manager

Management phase

For the modern asset- or facility manager our viewer is a gamechanger. Get maximum results out of your assets by using the real time visual insight that this viewer offers. Manage and maintain in an unprecedentedly clear manner. Our viewer offers a three dimensional visualization of your assets, which can be viewed at any time and from any location in the world.



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With our web based viewer we offer a solution for a great number of different users. From professional to hobbyist: all can find a use for this outstandingly versatile viewer. Share your 3D model and discuss it with your clients by using the built-in speaking module. All of this makes it unprecedently easy to show, discuss and explain your design to all parties involved in the process. The design will truly come alive, even for those who do not possess an advanced technical knowledge.

Start now with our free 14-day-trial period, without further obligations. This allows you complete access to the free download of our plugins and our web based viewer.

Available for Revit 2016 until 2019, Archicad 21 and 22, and the converter for Sketchup and IFC files.

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3D Web-Based Viewer

Xuver has developed a web based 3D Viewer based on the latest web technology that provides you to experience any environment in a dynamic and interactive way. We make it possible to walk through an online environment as an avatar in the web browser and experience any space. Multiple visitors can talk to each other through our speech module, discuss the design and the environment online, identify and design objects and assets.

We can create 3D models or convert your 3D database from all current drawing programs to 3D content that can be accessed directly via a web browser from multiple physical locations. Possibilities for IFC data links make our viewer a perfect visual supplement to your management system.

Xuver's 3D web viewer is also available for Iphone, Ipad and Android mobile devices. Xuver makes it possible to experience the virtual environment dynamically and in virtual reality with one click. Simply convert 3D files to your mobile device.


Web based Viewer

The Xuver developed Web based Viewer works on the latest web technologies.. Computer graphics can be displayed in web pages without the use of a special web browser plug-in.


In our viewer, existing 3D drawings and or models are converted into a virtual environment. This makes the model user-friendly and accessible over the Internet.

Browser and Operating Systems

Our viewer is supported by: web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Suitable operating systems are, from Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Linux and Chrome OS.

Mobile Viewer

Our Mobile Viewer is unique and available to all mobile devices. Walk through a virtual environment in the palm of your hand.


The viewer developed by us is a virtual viewing tool. This functionality allows you or any visitor with the use of one or more avatars to walk through an online virtual environment.

Voice Module

As soon as multiple visitors are in the same virtual environment, after activating your microphone you can talk to each other through our own developed voice module.

User Friendly

With just one mouse click and without a download being needed, you can visit a virtual model in your web browser. Simple navigation with the arrow keys and mouse.

Virtual Reality

Walking through the 3d file of your design in virtual reality? Xuver enables a unique VR experience with the mobile 3D viewer. All you need is a VR Cardboard.

  • XUVER – The Future of Vizualisation.

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  • Real Time Rendering

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  • Interactive with Voice module

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  • User-friendly

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  • Fast Convert for Various CAD Files

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  • Save time and costs

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  • Avatar.

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Our Team

Our team consists of creative and motivated technicians with a passion for visualization. Xuver's programmers make your ambitions come true.

3D Webbased Development

XUVER programmers are challenging the technical limitations. Our programmers have thorough training and the necessary know-how with 3D graphics cloud solutions.


Technical constraints are just the challenge for us.
3D Development Team – XUVER


A top team at a prime location. Our programmers are housed in the most beautiful office in Moldova.


Our Services

Visualization Technology

Presenting, visualizing and managing in the browser is easier than ever. Xuver has developed a solution to display 3D data visually in the browsers.

Virtual Reality

Walk with our mobile viewer through your virtual environment. Available for Web and mobile devices on Android and Mac iOS.

3D Content Services

If you do not have 3D sources, then Xuver has an extra service. Our own team of architects model 3D content based on your 2D design.


Virtual Body Cloning

We are currently investigating and developing state-of-the-art technology. 3D avatars are the future for online identity.

Augmented Reality

Everyday reality combined with various types of data shown as actual visual information. We are currently investigating the possibilities.

Internet Of Things

Objects that can communicate via the internet with our virtual environments. We are currently working on a demonstration environment.

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