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Revolutionize your Real Estate

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Stand out in real estate marketing and sell new properties faster! Amaze and excite your prospective buyers with an immersive experience into their potential home, utility or office building.

95% of the prospective buyers say they feel ready to buy after experiencing XUVER. Host the ultimate virtual reality estate visit and increase visit v.s sales conversions by 30%.

Sell newly built real estate faster

Traditional Marketing

Traditional visualization methods are time consuming, expensive, hard to change and hard to adjust.

Marketing with XUVER

Adjust visuals whenever and wherever you please. Potential buyers get a full immersive experience and identify themselves with the property where an estate agent can even do a virtual tour and engage online.


A virtual space is created in a few seconds. Use the models that have been used for traditional visualizations and turn them into a XUVER file for free. Upload the XR file as a new project and you are ready to publish. Share the URL link with people or embed it on your project website with an Immerse into your future home button, it’s all done in the blink of an eye.

Walk Through

Market a new to be built project with a great virtual experience on your website. Integrate the links and let the world visit and experience the project with a single click. Website visitors only need to click on a single link and immerse into the virtual space and start exploring what you have to offer!


Selling a real estate project requires attention, time and eye for detail. A prospective buyer expects to get answers and identify themselves with a property. Hosting a virtual tour allows the prospective buyer to truly experience the property before it’s built while you show them around. You can talk and see eachother live!. Walk through the kitchen, living room and even enjoy the view from the bedroom. No need to visit at a location, everyone has access needing just an Internet connection. Enjoy the experience and excitement of prospective buyers in XUVER. Get the advantage over the competition and sell your real estate faster than ever before!

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